Welcome to my minimalist homepage.

Client news:

Good luck to Andreas Weigend at the Milken Institute (among others).

and congratulations to David Siegel on the release of Pull: The Power of the Semantic Web to Transform Your Business. (Update - see the video here).


Portfolio stuff:

Here is my resume.

Here is why manhole covers are round.

User interface design, writing and editing, and graphic design are all really about the same thing. Since HR folks don't usually think about them that way, however, here are three lists:


But are you sure you have the right Amy Gorin?

- I'm the one with the degree in Cognitive Science/Psychology, but not the Professor.

- I'm the occasional writer and editor, but not the senior editor at Health magazine (she's at "amydgorin.com").

- I'm occasionally of Massachusetts, but not the poet.

- I'm the movie buff, but not the production assistant.

- I'm certainly not this person.

Now all I need to find is an architect and we've got it all covered.