The Lingo language-learning project was part of MIT's project Athena. It was overseen by Janet Murray, who was at that time a literature professor in MIT's Humanities department.

The Lingo game allowed students to converse with a computerized "imp," with whom they collaborated to re-arrange a dorm room. The conversations took place in the language the student was studying. The screen display reflected the state of the dorm room.

The objects in the room were represented by several dozen icons, some of which had five or six state variations.

Here are some individual icons, translated directly from the bitmaps (the program I was using didn't have texture mapping or automatic shading. These were drawn freehand, in "fatbits"):

The screen shot below loses some of the subtler touches in the objects, but gives a good idea of the game. In the room shown, the beer has been poured into the flower vase, the armchair has been put on top of the rubber plant, and the milk has been put in the closet instead of the refrigerator (the German word for closet" is "shrank" and the word for 'fridge is "kuhlshrank," so this last could be a common mistake).