This document was originally created in May 1994 as a final project for a class on ethics and technology taught by Caroline Whitbeck of MIT's Department of Mechanical Engineering. The MIT version (now off-line) was eventually linked to by more than 30 other pages.

The author (that's me) holds an BS in Cognitive Science from MIT and an BS from MIT'S Department of Mechanical Engineering (but not an BSME). I minored in Technical Communication, and I think I concentrated in Political Science/Media though it may have been Psychology (whichever paperwork made it to the registrar first).

I also went to grad. school at Stanford, and I'm now living in San Francisco doing Internet consulting  (strategy/marketing/UI) and writing.

Comments, 2016:
The original URL was if you want to use the Wayback Machine.

At the height of the first dot-com boom some clueless 20-something haughtily informed me that 30 backlinks was "laughable," and that most of those were "probably bots." Don't be a clueless 20-something.