From: advertiz@MCS.COM (Internet Marketing Inc)
Subject: Re: Canter & Siegel have WWW-Server
Date: 26 Aug 1994 19:25:44 -0500
Organization: Internet Marketing Inc.
Keywords: C&S WWW cybersell (and is a copy of CyberSight)

In article <33losj$>,
Paul Phillips  wrote:
>In article 
   (Thomas Michlmayr) writes:
>>For all of you out there watching our friends, C&S:
>>They installed a WWW-Server on
>Pretty amusing -- they included a 130K inline image on their home page,
>over their godawful link (it feels like about 1200 baud, though I suspect
>it's actually faster, maybe even 2400.)
>And the image! Oh man, you guys have to see this.  I think it was made 
>on an Apple ][, or at least the graphics remind me of LO-RES mode from
>my youth.  The image is totally unsuited to inlining, since it's larger
>than my full size Mosaic window on a 17" monitor, and proudly proclaims
>"internet marketing specialists: CYBERSELL".  
>I think they're going after the market of people with 50" monitors though,
>since that's about the only way it can be read without scrolling around.
>It's pretty clearly under construction; there is no primary index file,
>everything has broken inline images included, etc.  The best entertainment
>is at  From there, they have a link
>called "Editorial Staff" to 
>which you can look at if you have several hours to kill while it pulls
>down all the fluff.  Presumably this is who is doing the actual grunt
>work for them? Interesting way to make a name in the Internet marketing
>business.  Might get them more of a name than they bargained for.

That is our URL.  We are Internet Marketing Inc, and we have
*NO* association with Cantor & Siegal.  I have not seen their
take of our CyberSight (
yet... my partner has.

I am, as you can imagine, *EXTREMELY* angry about this... if anyone can 
offer some advice as how to prevent them from copying our work, I'd 
greatly appreciate it!

Peter Bray
President, Internet Marketing Inc.