(oops. -ringo)

To: ringo@MIT.EDU
From: edit@playboy.com (playboy editorial)

Dear Ringo:

What follows can be considered a position statement on the illegal use
of our copyrighted images.

It is against the law to distribute copyrighted material without
permission and Playboy aggressively protects its copyrighted images
and text.

Playboy has not created or authorized the creation of any gifs
containing nudity or partial nudity.  If you suspect that a digitized
photo originated in Playboy, we advise that you delete it.

Playboy produces the Playboy Electronic Datebook, a personal
information manager for Windows that includes over 50 images taken
from the pages of Playboy Magazine.

In late 1992, Congress passed and President Bush signed the Software
Copyright Protection Bill.  The measure significantly increased the
penalties for violating software copyrights, making violations a
felony instead of a misdemeanor.  It mandates prison terms of up to
five years and fines of up to $250,000 for those convicted of
distributing at least 10 copies of a copyrighted software program
without permission, or any combination of programs with a retail value
greater than $2,500.

We sincerely hope that your sense of fair play and ethics will dictate
your actions.  If you know of someone who is violating Playboy's
copyrights, please call us at 312 751 8000, extension 2724.

Thank you.