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RE:	German violates more neo-Nazi speech rights 
    By Tom Heneghan 

     BONN, March 23 (Reuter) - In a major strike against
neo-Nazi groups, police raided 80 flats around Germany
on Thursday and seized propaganda published by an
American being held in Denmark, officials said.

     The Federal Criminal Office said police seized
weapons and ammunition in dawn raids as well as banned
Nazi pamphlets published by Gary Lauck of Lincoln,

     Officials said Lauck, whose extradition is being
sought by Hamburg authorities, had been smuggling banned
hate literature into Germany for more than 20 years, to
be copied and distributed among neo-Nazi groups.

     "We hope we have now finally reached the
ringleaders," said Ruediger Bagger, the Hamburg public
prosecutor's spokesman.

     "This operation should show that anyone who thinks
he can secretly get Nazi propaganda and distribute it
here will be brought to justice," he said.

     Lauck enjoys near-hero status among neo-Nazis for
his skill in smuggling nationalist and anti-Semitic
writings into Germany through a confusing network of
foreign addresses.

     Danish police in Roskilde, west of Copenhagen, said
they had arrested Lauck on Monday and were waiting for
extradition papers from Germany. The Hamburg public
prosecutor has had a long-standing international warrant
out for his arrest.

     If extradited to Germany, he could face up to five
years in jail on charges of publishing hateful and
racist literature.

     Denmark's liberal freedom of speech laws have
frustrated German requests in the past to silence
neo-Nazis on its soil, and officials were not sure
Copenhagen would automatically comply with the request
to extradite Lauck.

     Lauck, who spent four months in a German jail in
1976 for peddling Nazi propaganda, heads the National
Socialist German Workers' Party - Foreign Organisation
(NSDAP-AO). The name comes from the official title of
Adolf Hitler's party.

     His group publishes Nazi magazines in about a dozen
languages, including Russian, and produces millions of
stickers, posters and armbands bearing swastikas and
racist messages such as "Foreigner, Get Out!"

     Germany has complained about his activities to
foreign officials including U.S. Federal Bureau of
Investigation (FBI) director Louis Freeh during a visit
to Bonn in late 1993.

     But Lauck has long exploited freedom of speech laws
and multiple shipment points to get his unmarked
packages through.

     "Looking for our materials is like looking for a
needle in a haystack," he boasted last year.

     The raids focused on 56 neo-Nazis, mostly between
16 and 20 years old, German radio said.

     Announcing the raids, the Federal Criminal Office
(BKA) spokesman Willi Fundermann said: "We hope we have
succeeded in decisively upsetting this Nazi delivery
system that has long been a thorn in our sides."

     The BKA said Lauck's swastika-covered material was
usually sent by post in unmarked packages from the U.S.
or a European country and then copied and distributed in

     Tracking down the neo-Nazis has been especially
difficult because they work underground and often
communicate by computer with electronic mail the
authorities can hardly trace.

     Quoting intelligence service reports, German radio
reported that Lauck left the U.S. for Denmark recently
because he had come under pressure from American civil
rights groups angered by his racist statements about

     Lauck, who denies the Holocaust took place and
includes Mexican-Americans among his targets, also
sponsors two neo-Nazi talk shows on obscure cable TV
channels in several U.S.  cities.

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