Senior Technical Writer (January 2001 - May 2001) [layoff]
Consultant (November 2000 - January 2001), San Francisco CA
I wrote the User's Guide for Securant's network security tool, including procedural and conceptual prose and online help. I also did quality assurance and usability analysis of the product's Web interface, Java interface, and installation procedure. Securant merged with RSA Security in 2001.

Senior Web Designer (August 1999 - December 1999) [layoff]

TCN, Cambridge MA
TCN provides telecommunications services and consulting to nonprofit organizations. I was hired as part of an attempt to enter the Internet and Web services market. In addition to working on website usability and implementation, I researched, designed, and implemented an online ad campaign for TCN's services, did project definition, costing, and tracking using MS Project, and explored ways to increase traffic to TCN's website.

Interaction Designer/Information Architect (January 1999 - November 1999) [layoff], San Francisco CA
I wrote the UI spec for this Internet startup, and worked with graphic designers and the company founders to develop and design an overall look and feel for the site. Padra was disbanded in November 1999 after expected funding did not materialize.

Content Writer (April 1998 - November 1998) [grant funded]
Webmaster, Design Consultant (February 1996 - February 1997)

The Genome Radio Project, Berkeley CA
I was initially hired by the Genome Radio Project to create a mockup of a website for the syndicated public radio program The DNA Files, as well as to provide advice to project planners and artists who were unfamiliar with Internet technologies and limitations. During the original design discussions, a proposal was generated for an interactive "scenario tree." Once funding was obtained to develop the site fully, I was recalled to research and create these scenarios. The site was launched in December of 1998. The DNA Files won a Peabody Award in 2002.

Researcher, Teaching Assistant (September 1995 - December 1997)

Department of Communication, Stanford University
As a graduate student within the Communication Department, I was a teaching assistant for classes including "Computers and Interfaces: Psychological and Social Issues," and "Communication Research Methods." I also designed, implemented, and ran social science experiments investigating issues in computer-human interface.

Interface Designer, Programmer (June 1993 - August 1994)

The Manus Project, MIT's Newman Lab, Cambridge MA
The Manus project developed a computerized robotic system for neurological rehabilitation and physical therapy. I designed and implemented a graphical user interface for the system to be used by therapists and patients. My duties included generating proposals for interface solutions, meeting with project leaders to finalize project plans and schedules, programming in C++, demonstrating work in progress for the laboratory staff, writing end-user documentation for my programs and those of other programmers, and helping in the installation, testing, and debugging of the system at our first beta site. As part of my research for the Manus project, I also worked for two months as a nurse's aide at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital.

Technical Writer (March 1992 - March 1993)

ICAD Inc., Cambridge MA
ICAD developed and distributed a LISP-based CAD adjunct called "The ICAD System." I worked closely with programmers and marketing staff to prepare programmer's references, installation guides, and release notes. I also implemented an in-house hypertext documentation style guide using Framemaker and Frameviewer.

Technical Writer (April 1990 - September 1991)

Project GNU, The Free Software Foundation, Cambridge MA
I worked with project programmers to produce technical reference material and tutorials. GNU documentation was written and distributed using Techinfo, a simultaneous text and hypertext publication system.

Assistant Editor (August 1987 - June 1988)
Free-lance Writer (June 1987 - August 1987)
Intern (February 1987 - June 1987)

PC Week, Ziff-Davis Publishing, Boston MA
I researched and wrote news and feature articles for the Connectivity section, which focused on business applications of networking technology (clippings on request). In my last five months at PC Week, I also designed and implemented a networked Paradox database system. PC Week is now known as "e-week."

Computer Graphic Artist (September 1985 - June 1987)

MIT Lingo Project, MIT's Project Athena, Cambridge MA
I created detailed, cartoon-like screen icons to be used as part of an interactive language teaching program. I also worked with programmers to improve the usability of "Crayon," the project's picture-processing software.

Production Manager (January 1984 -September 1984)
Associate Night Editor (January 1983 - January 1984)
Production Worker (September 1982 - January 1983)

The Tech, MIT's Student Newspaper, Cambridge MA
I did page design, layout, typesetting, and paste-up. As production manager, I also acted as the liaison between The Tech's production shop and outside clients who retained our design and production services. As a night editor, I oversaw and trained production workers, and did final editing of copy and artwork. I also wrote the occasional article.