Colored text is working comments

Lobby Screen

Info displayed

All tables/Active tables/Available tables (navigation tbd)
[“available” = active+open seats - should be default]
is there ever a time we would want to show only empty tables? This needs more work – do use cases. Spawn tables on demand? (Real world uses a card room manager).  Should always have standard tables available, maybe interest list for obscure tables – but might cannibalize other tables. Bonus pts for originating table?

Table name

How many seated (out of total allowed)

Total hours up  not necessary in list view


Average Pot size not necessary in list view

Play/real money



If house
What game/game mix
If hosted:
Public/private (private shown only if user is on the list)
Who’s hosting
What’s the game/game mix
[what else?]
can add comment to table about the game time, but table is always up.
If current user’s

Table details (shown if table is selected?)

Who is playing
Observers and waiting list – will require addl’ screen design
[what else?]

Buddies currently logged in  [later…]

Personal private table list [later…]

Personal favorite table list [later…]

Currently logged-in name (if logged in)

Currently logged-in account balance (if logged in)
play and real money/bonus, and frequent player points
real money = TNChips=dollars. Use current exchange rate to cash in -  Cashiers page needs approx value in local before cashing out.

Post-login messages?
can add pop-up window for alerts, mess.of day, etc.
also need space to run news and promotions.

Actions supported (functions)


Community functions TBD

Table list navigation

Choose game/table type to view (see list above)

Choose and pop individual table
(If table is user’s, this will activate table if it wasn’t already)

Choose and pop private table by entering table name [later] – now: list games explicitly for which user is on invite list, as part of regular navigation (shown first?)

Pop cashier interaction

Pop help (for now can be same as game play screen help)

Pop user preferences interaction

Pop create/manage private tables

Exit program

Flag and confirm exit individual tables if table windows are open

Close other open windows

Make noise (“audio logo”)

[what are additional info/functions to support tourneys?]
in same list?, different window? – sit-and-go in same list, other’s elsewhere (more design needed)
types: house tourney - scheduled and announced; house tourney - single table sit-and-go always available on demand; private “critical mass” tourney on-demand multi-table TBD (to be designed) seating in time window – no preset number of players or registration – more discussion needed.  

Table Play Screen

Info displayed (states)
do some more benchmarking for bet placement and community cards in table layout

For current player:

Chips in current table (always visible)

Number on placard – current bet shown as animated stack

Cards in current hand (always visible)

Which are making up hand (at end of game)
Are they visible to other players?
Wild cards (if appropriate)
Selected to pass or discard (if appropriate)

Hand history (on demand, in chat transcript)

Chat bubble (on demand, in transcript)

Possible left/right pass (as needed)

Seat location (always visible)

For all players:

Chips in current table  (always visible)

Number on placard – current bet shown as animated stack

Cards in current round (always visible)

Number of cards/backs
Showing cards  (if appropriate for game)
Wild cards (if appropriate)

Chat bubble (as needed)

Seat location (always visible)

Last action

Kill indicator [later]

For Table: (all visible)

Dealer’s position

Table name

Current pot

Graphic, with actual chip representation

Bet size/Limit


Table cards (if appropriate)

Wild cards (if appropriate)

Seated players

Show empty seats

Who’s turn

kill indicator [later]

waiting list

For control area (all visible, most via widget)

Is auto-muck on?  chris sez - always on.

Is auto-ante on?
have pop-up window pushing auto-ante if user delays

Are any of the “this round/advance” controls on?

Is user sitting out this round?

Will they sit out at the beginning of the next round?

 Chat transcript (scroll)

Which types of chat are being shown [which chat selections are on?]
transcript should be click-and-scrollable, copy-and-paste-able, via windows controls - ^a^c

Tournament flag (if appropriate) –
other tourney info will also be needed, may not be in control area


Reused widgets


Denomination by number and/or color
Use standard color scheme


Number and suit, plus as noted
Four color suit [future]
Branding on Ace of Spades
Suicide kings, one-eyed jacks, scepter king/queen

Actions supported (functions)

Select seat and sit down

Rotate table so user’s seat is in lower right [later]
[I would prefer to set via preferences]


Enter text

Select text to show

Status summary, status detail, player chat [toggles, not radio buttons
[what else? – maybe observer chat ]
[future – I would like to see the minimized table window be this chat box, with a flash/noise enabled for critical status messages] mark sez – news/sports feed [later]

Emoticon (poker-face) Chat [decide which ones]

Pop Lobby screen [no, use windows navigation]

Leave seat [can’t be toggle with sit down]

Minimize table [later, for multiple table play]

Join/leave waiting list for table
[amy will do further design to accommodate waiting lists ]

Adjust user settings
[will require another screen and further design]

Add a player to buddy list [later]

Add more chips to current pile (if no tourney)

Choose how many

If no chips available in account, or amount is under the minimum buy-in, option to pop cashier window
If play money, option to just ask for more

Sit out hand

Fold in turn and sit out  [widget discussion]

Sit out at beginning of next hand

Which game next hand (if dealer’s choice on a hosted table)

Access Help 

Hints always on

Widget-hover [?]

Searchable [?]
[This should pop a browser…]

Play functions [grayed out if not available]

Perpetual [select/deselect]

Auto muck always on, not visible
Auto ante


How much?  [Is the slider fast enough?]
[others to be added as per game] [future discussions]

This round  [select/deselect]

How much? [currently, slider widget shared with Immediate]
[others to be added as per game – specifics should be further discussed]

End of hand [popup/bubble]

Show hand

Beginning of hand
[popup/bubble or automatic or both?]


Amy will do a tentative waiting list design, pending input

Table Setup/Manage/Invite Screen

Info displayed (states)

List of available saved tables

For current table (if one is already selected, or being built)


Tournament/ring  [for now only ring is allowed]

Buy in/Minimum bet

Blinds (if appropriate)

Structured/Pot Limit/No limit
[amount linked to bet size]

Game comment (“the game is at 9 on Sunday”)

Game type or types
game description…

Five card
Seven card

If private:

Players on the list
By login/alias
By email – external to the system [further design for viral marketing]
By buddy-list named subgroup  [later]

Actions supported (functions)

Name new table

Select existing table from list

For current table, set all info listed above

Select limit from list

Select game type(s) from list

Specify custom combinations

Enter players to invite

By username
By email – external to the system [further design for viral marketing]
via buddy list [later]

Scroll/manage existing players list

Enter one-line game comment


If private, send invites

Enter text for invite, or web form to create invite – further design

Save current table

Delete current table

Cashier Screen

          Info displayed (visible unless noted)

Real Money [chips=dollars, exchange on cash-out]


In play


Play money


In play


Pending Cash Bonus



Last deposit

Frequent Player Points
[earning rate adjusting per conditions, etc.
[cash in for t-shirts and frisbees]

[tables to play for points - future]



Last deposit

Transaction Record/history (on demand)

Personal info [privacy note]

User ID/Table alias

Name & address

Including space for country


Including country


Buddy list [future, on demand]

Loan status [future?]


“I am 21” checkbox
[on account creation]

Add money to account/buy chips

Take money out of account/cash in chips

Exchange rate if necessary

Cash in Frequent player Points

Go to “shopping.teamnuts.com”

Manage personal info (see all above)

Exit cashier screen – close window (other windows are left open when cashier screen is opened)

Tournament Screen(s)  - additional functionality

Tournament lobby
scheduled tournaments – sit-and-go’s are different
(this is on a webserver)


Tournament type

Limit/no limit
What game(s)

Date and start-time/elapsed time

Players currently registered

If game play, also their current standing or point of elimination

Entry fee etc.

Entry conditions (hours played, previous wins, etc.)
Free entries, etc. 
[more design discussions]…

Prize pool/structure

Tournament state
(registration/seating/game play/finished)

During play:
Registration state (open/closed/rebuys available, etc.)
Time and duration of the next break
The current level (and blind amount)
Amount of time to next level (and that level’s blind amount)
The size of the largest, smallest and average chip stack in the tournament 
List of finishers in order they finished, money won

List of tables (once registration is over)


During seating

Inform player of seat
Pop table window automatically

During registration

Put up money (can be refunded)
Confirmation dialog  - do you realize this will cost money?)

During play – [at the table]

Post/ante is always on (even if you log off)
Players moved among tables
Rebuys and add-ons (more chips) [future?]
Can’t sit out game [fold for bathroom break]
What else?